What is Asperger Syndrome?

Asperger syndrome is a form of autism, which is a lifelong disability that affects how a person makes sense of the world. Like individuals who have an autism diagnosis people with Asperger syndrome find social communication, social interaction and social imagination difficult. This can often become a barrier to independence and relating to the world around them.

Individuals with an Asperger diagnosis will have average or above average intelligence and their condition may not be visual on meeting them. Asperger Syndrome is often referred to as a hidden disability.

While there are similarities with autism, people with Asperger syndrome have fewer problems with speaking and communicating with verbal language. With the right support and encouragement, people with Asperger syndrome can lead full and independent lives.

Some individuals with Asperger syndrome may also have a mental health diagnosis. This can be for varying reasons. Social isolation can often be faced by someone with the condition and developing relationships can be difficult, but with the right support this can be achieved.

Many individuals with autism or Asperger can experience heightened or dampened sensory processing. This is referred to as hyper or hypo sensitivity. By completing a sensory assessment the person, or their family, can identify how the world around them impacts on their sensory processing, and develop strategies to reduce the heightening or offer the senses that are dampened​.